Whoever goes to Denmark will not forget to bring some of their local-popular cookies which known well worldwide, there is Danisa butter cookies or some people known it as danish butter cookies. Judging from their look, it seen as normal crispy cookies with standard topping like crystal sugar, raisins, and coconut. But as people said don’t judging the book by its cover, the same thing goes for cookies. Danisa butter cookies been known as one of the most popular cookies in the world by its flavour. Wait, don’t think about strange-newfound flavour that invented by millenials recently, danisa butter cookies seems having standard flavour like vanilla, coconut, sugar, and chocolate but it tastes better when it comes in danisa butter cookies. You can spend longtime to wonder why is this cookies taste so good that people from around the world craving for this. I personally wanted to know why. Not everyone could come to Denmark and paying for boxes of Danisa butter cookies, but guess what, the fake danisa butter cookies come to heal your craving. It isn’t always edible as it comes as keychain, and miniature, but it does really look the same as the real one. Danisa butter cookies taste the best with tea, so does the fake one; you can arrange them in the table with miniature tea set to warm your heart and feeling joyful and satistied by its cuteness.

One thing for sure about Danisa butter cookies, this very helpful to relieve your swinged mood and tense. More over to enjoy after work or after a long day of activities, never skip to sip a cup of hot tea and bite a crunch of Danisa butter cookies which come in many forms: pretzel-like one, round one, square one, crystal sugary one, raisins one, and also the long spiky one. I enjoy the real Danisa butter cookies as much as I enjoy the fake one like miniature and its keychan which shaped and detailed perfectly like the same real one. this edible and fake both heartwarming and always on my craving list. I will make sure to enjoy it the most whenever I need a relief and having a good day off to play. If you wonder where you can get the best Danisa butter cookies other than the one in Denmark, you can buy them online from trusted stores offline and online. Also you can buy the fake one like miniature and keychain mostly from online stores.

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